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Converse All Star Sneakers

Converse All Star Sneakers #converse #ToyasTales #StarsandStripes #Americana

In honor of Memorial Day, I am showcasing a pair of sneakers that will keep you looking stylish during this year's events. Instead of wearing the usual flip flops or sneakers to a barbecue or parade why not show up in something a little more patriotic. This marvelous pair is from the iconic brand Converse and they will add a bit of glitz and glam to your outfit. 
Bonus: You can also wear them again for Independence Day (July 4th).


Materials: Textile Fibers and Glitter
Heel Height: less than an inch
Features: round toeline, fabric inner, ruber sole, and glitter.
Special Care Instructions: None

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  1. I'm wearing such right now, haha!;-)<3

  2. Thanks a lot :D

    OMG super cool sneakers :D love the originality :D

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  3. These sparkly ones are so cute. I have a white pair which I love.


    1. This pair is perfect for a special occasion like a holiday or commemorative event. the classic white are perfect for daily life.

  4. Very cool sneakers 😊

  5. These are way cool! Love the sparkle. Would be so great for July 4th.


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* This post may contain affiliate links *
If you are dying to own this pair of fabulous shoes you can (Buy Here)

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